It Is A Green Christmas For Us!

It has been a couple of years since I last wrote but I felt doing a Blog about this trip was the right way to go.

Let me start by saying this is the last place I thought I would be spending Christmas with the family. However looking at it , it was most appropriate as Christmas is about giving and in our family we are trying very hard to give back to our mother earth. Which this trip did lend itself to.

Stephen was sponsored to go to Cancun in order  to report on the COP 16 summit as well do a workshop for aspiring young environmental journalists from South Africa. My son Derek along with his girlfriend Cheree we planning on travelling through South America starting in December. Thus I put forth the idea that we all meet in Mexico. Where we could meet other people from around the world and learn from their stories. While at the same time being able to have a family Christmas together. Everyone was on board, Katrina cracked open the Spanish books immediately.

Off we flew to Cancun and upon landing took a taxi to the lovely fishing village of Puerto Morelos.

The Original Lighthouse in Puerto Morelos was tilted over in 1967  by Hurricane Beulah. It has  survived Hurricanes Gilbert 1987 and Wilma in 2005. It has become the symbol for the this small fishing village. The new light house replacing the leaning Pisa is visible in the background.

Having experienced the Resorts of Cancun twice and now Puerto Morelos I truly believe  the way to experience Mexico is staying in small villages like Puerto Morelos. Guess what no food poisoning happened here. I am thinking the gastrointestinal problems are a resort issue. We  enjoyed many fine meals from the numerous food stands, restaurants and even from the back of a truck (that is another story) without having to rush to a doctor. Mind we did have to take Derek to a doctor as on our third day here he managed to step on a small Stingray and get stung. What a way to start our adventure by seeing how good the medical system is.

While Steve was off doing his workshop in Mexico City Derek, Katrina, Cheree and myself went to the Klimaforum 10 The People’s Climate Summit.

Here I heard the best comparison from a former British lawyer  Polly Higgins concerning Climate Change. She likened it to a mother who has a child which is constantly throwing up. Upon taking the child to the doctor she is told the child is allergic to milk. Whereupon the mother stops feeding it milk. The mother does not like in the case of  Corporations and Governments when dealing with CO2 emissions reduce the amount of milk she gives to the child and if the child throws up sweeps it under the rug.

Also managed to catch some cultural displays

while in Cancun to watch a documentary on the Inuit and the changes they see occuring to their landscape.

On December 7th there was a gathering of thousands to march on the main highway of Cancun leading to Moon Palace.

We also decided to add our voice to the Via Campesina (International Peasant Movement) protest march. 

The principal objective of La Via Campesina is to develop solidarity and unity among small farmers. In order to promote gender equality and social justice in fair economic relations. COP now a days seems very far removed in the concept of fair economic relations and social responsibility.

This creation aptly named The Hammer came all the way from Berlin which was created by Derek’s friend Jakub Simcik and artistic partner Artúr van Balen

Naturally Steve was busy interviewing people during the march. In this photo Steve is doing an interview with Tom Goldtooth Executive Director of the Indigenous Environmental Network.

In all it was an amazing experience seeing and hearing the voices of many peoples being a united voice of action.

Needless to say we never made it to Moon Palace as there were police barricades  well before the palace.


The day ended with a pleasant surprise after taking a bus back into Cancun to find something to eat. In behind the Town Hall the Mayan Tropical Forest People were providing a feast and all were welcome. This where the meal from the back of a truck comes in. The best piece of meat I ever tasted. The cops enjoyed it to. It always amazes me that those who have so little give so much.

It goes without saying I was in my element in discovering all the different wildlife here. I was shutter bugging away.This little guy we saw everyday in the garden of the apartment we stayed in. It is an Anole Lizard


Cheree, Derek and Katrina were on the hunt for this guy.

Look what Derek and Cheree found!

A new species okay just kidding Katrina and Steve are just plain old beach bums not wanting to have their pictures taken. But here is the rest of my camera finds. Just click on the thumbnail image if  you want an enlarged photo to look at. P.S. you can do this with the other photos as well.

Butterflies are natures way of saying keep it simple.

The stories are in the eyes. This crab gives a whole new meaning to look in my eyes.

Another little    beach bum the Sand Piper

Of course what would a fishing village be without a Pelican.

The stunning  Needlenose fish which we had the fortune to see quite a few of. Their colours blew me away.

Christmas is not that far away and we are off to the jungles of Akumal. There will be no snow for us this Christmas but lots of interesting things to see and experience that I am certain of.  So good-bye from Puerto Morelos and Merry Christmas to all.

Oh yes and this guy says HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Adios from Renee

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