Guitar Hero and Gaudi Inspired

For the young music lovers of Vienna there is a spectacular event that happens in summer, Die Donau Insel Fest or The Danube Island (Open Air) Festival. It is a 3 day all day music event where bands from all over Austria, as well as some international ones perform live. With 21 stages there is music for everyone, heavy metal, folk, country, jazz, old rock, new rock, indy and my favourite blues band Wiener Linien Blues Band.IMG_2311

Now you may ask how do I come to have a favourite band from Austria? I am a bit bias as my (3rd) cousin plays for this band, he is their lead guitarist. Boy can he play and the band makes sure he does a few solos this would get everybody moving. They did play one of my favourites Mustang Sally  which made it a great night for me.IMG_2327

Steve and I did listen to another band a female string quartet, were they different. They would play traditional folk songs with a bit rock, jazz and other music genres mixed in. Their music style was something we had never heard before,  enjoyed it so much  that we bought their CD.

The amazing thing about all of this is that this great muscial entertainment is for free and they do this every summer. Steve and will be checking our calendar to make sure the next time we come to Vienna we are here for the Donau Insel Fest.IMG_2330

Now from music to architecture, a few times the name  Friedensreich Hundertwasser  was mentioned to us as one of Austria’s famous architects.

Steve and I did not think much about it until one day while walking around we noticed some buildings, our first thought was Gaudi was here. If you remember from my trip to Barcelona I written about how our Gaudi day and posted pictures of his unusual, beautiful and modern architecture.

As you will notice from the picture Hundertwasser’s and Gaudi’s style are very similar. As Hundertwasser was born almost 70 years after Gaudi I would not be surprised to find out that he was inspired by the Spanish architect.IMG_2334

The building is a combination apartments and shops. Unfortunately for us people live in the apartments so there were no tours, we could only admire Hundertwasser’s work from the outside.IMG_2335




Though our time in Vienna was brief Steve and I were still able to discover something new. However something about Vienna that I found confusing was the intolerance by most Viennese of the Turkish people. If you look throughout the history books on this beautiful city it was a changing landscape of ethnic people. I would have thought over time this would make people more tolerant instead it seems to have had the opposite effect. The very same things I heard almost 40 years ago about the Yugoslavian people are now being applied to the people of Turkey. Yet over the hundreds of years each ethnic group has brought something to the city of Vienna that the Viennese now enjoy, lets face it coffee was not invented here. I had hoped with it’s history I would see more tolerance but like many other cities and countries around the world that which is not understood is misunderstood and thus seeds of distrust are sown.

Perhaps one day we will truly learn from history and the right seeds will be planted.IMG_2384

From the coffee houses of Vienna I bid you farewell, next stop Prague.

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