Who Needs Box Stores When There Is Vienna

Vienna is the place to go if you want to learn about Austria’s history. Here the history is still alive, everywhere you look there is a story to be told. Unlike Germany, Austria does not bear the same guilt or shame in her history .

With pain-staking work there is a re-birth of the many palaces, churches, monuments and several other historical buildings. In the Inner City at the heart of Vienna St. Stephen’s Cathedral stands patiently while her beauty is being re-stored. This has been going on for many years but each time I see the Cathedral there is something new to discover.

The Inner City was once surrounded by a wall, now the wall does not exist instead the Inner City is encircled by the Ringstrasse. Along this ring road you can see many of Vienna’s wonderful buildings, my favourite has always been the Parliament Building.


As we saw in Berlin,Vienna has many parks which means you are bound to find some very interesting and unique fountains.



What Steve and I enjoy most here are the many different shops, cafes, bars and restaurants you find along many of the streets. You are never too far away from a good cup of coffee, warm apple strudel and, of course Steve’s favourite, a large glass of beer.



One of our favourite places to go at night is the Rathaus(City Hall).


Here the city hosts a Open Air Film Festival that runs from June to September showing mostly Opera, Operettas and musicals. Along with this there is an International Food Fair where the food choices are great. Plus the various drinks including wines, beers and punch bowls do a great job of quenching your thirst. The best thing, is there are no plastic plates or cups when it comes to the food and drink being served. We always have a wonderful evening here with family and friends.


This is the end of our journey. I hope my writings were able to give you some idea what a wonderful trip we had.

img_1032.jpgimg_1017.jpgMaybe there will be another adventure to write about, but in the meantime it has been fun. Bye, Bye!!


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