The Two Sides Of Traveling

Traveling these past few weeks through Quito and Galapagos have left me with many different thoughts. The city of Quito itself is not a city I would be quick to visit again. The smell of diesel fumes were overwhelming at times but they did have a great transit system. Seeing people young and old selling or doing whatever they could for a few dollars was disheartening at times, yet these were very happy people.

Often Steve and I heard how North American companies received lots of support in developing their business and the people of Quito would receive no financial help in developing their own business. Which in one way has created another problem Quito’s people are now flooding into the Island of Santa Cruz in the Galapagos for the earning power tourism has to offer. But Santa Cruz is also in crisis because it cannot support the influx without encouraging more tourism. If this is not managed properly this unique ecosystem will be in danger of suffering great damage.

It feels like a double edged sword when touring the islands. By being there you help out the economy and at the same time you are disturbing a fragile environment. I mean some of the tourists have a total disregard for the wildlife on the islands.


This is not supposed to be a rant but when you are traveling to so many different places it is hard notice things unless I travel with my eyes closed.



I will leave you with some parting images of Santa Cruz and Quito.



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