Seymour Norte Wow!!

Hello from Berlin. Well we survived our gruelling 26 hrs. of traveling from Quito to here and have gotten over the jet lag okay. Unfortunately Steve was hit be the high altitude again for the one night we stayed over in Quito before flying to Berlin.
Right now weather is very hot so we are working on keeping cool. Enough about Berlin, as promised I am showing the wonderful boat trip we had to Isla Seymour Norte and then to a beach on Santa Cruz where we discovered wonderful things. This is not the first time I am writing this posting, as the internet is on and off here it has caused problems, thus I lost the entire post and some not so very pretty words came out of my mouth.

Here we go to Isla Seymour Norte the view you are seeing is the Island of Baltra.


Following us were the Frigates as fish piece were tossed in the air by our chef who cooked this amazing meal for lunch(more details to come).


Along the way we were able to see some of the satellite islands such as Rabida.


After disembarking from our little dingy boat and our feet firmly planted on rocky ground we came upon img_0364.jpga pair of Swallowed-tailed gulls (like the lovely red feet).img_0358.jpg

Off course the ambassador of the island came to officially greet us.


It was not long before we came upon the Frigates, where several males were trying to catch the eyes of the females by bloating their red throats.


Seems the baby Frigate’s head is a little to heavy to hold up while sleeping.


The one thing everyone has been waiting to see is the Blue Footed Booby. The t-shirts I had seen all over town that read I Love My Booby made alot more sense.


img_0395.jpgThese little baby Booby’s hatched about 3-10 days before I took this picture. You can definitely see in the picture which one hatched first.

The land Iguana may look fierce, however neither the Frigates or the Boobies have to worry as it is a vegetarian (they live in perfect harmony).


This little guy is a lava lizard. The coloured throat means it is a male.


This is our chef who cooked up a lunch that neither Steve and I were expecting. Meal was fried fish, rice, potatoes, salad and fried plantains. The portions given were enough to feed two people, Steve and I enjoyed every single bite.


Our tour guide. Steve try to get him to toss me in the water and he would not listen (just kidding) he was a very nice guide.img_0401.jpg

Back to Santa Cruz island to Las Bachas where there were great things to discover. Like a lagoon that had about six Pink Flamingos scouring for shrimp.


Unlike the Land Iguana this guy can swim, gee I guess that is why he is called a Marine Iguana. That tail really moves they along in the water and they can stay under from 30-45 min.


Our next little surprise was found by our tour guide.


One thing I learned from Australia that when the tide has gone out you should check out the crevices and depressions in the sand because there is always something to find.


The day was an amazing one that I will not soon forget. It is still amazing to me how calm all the birds and animals were when we came near. They had no problem sharing their space if only we has humans could follow their example a little better.

Next time Berlin with some parting looks at Galapagos and Quito.img_0449.jpg


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  1. Renee: amazing pictures. Makes me wish I was there. Still very jealous!!!!! You are making some incredible memories for yourself. Looking forward to having you back.

    Nadeige and Madison

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