Fish Market

library-2416.jpglibrary-2417.jpgOne of our daily adventures was to the local fish market off the coast of Puerto Ayora. Steve was enthralled with the place. I on the other hand was some what grossed out seeing fish heads flying, fish guts being ripped apart by Pelicans and seals being splattered all over with fish bits library-2432.jpgand blood. It took me a few days to be willing to eat seafood. To my disblief it had the opposite effect on Steve, he wanted to eat seafood. The guy can’t handle high altitude but has no problem watching the happenings at the market, go figure.

library-2503.jpglibrary-2435.jpgI must say once I got the stomach to eat seafood the meals we had were fantastic. The shrimp did not taste anything like the watered down farmed shrimp you get back home. There is a definite difference between farmed shrimp and fresh out of the ocean. The fish was out of this world at times you did not even think you were eating fish.

The best place we encountered that served great seafood meals was at a kiosk(small booths lined up one after another). Where at night they close off the street from local traffic in order to set up tables for the evening meals. The most popular meals and great tasting, were the ones where they cooked the shrimp or fish in coconut milk. This recipe comes from the black population, whose arrival was due to the Spaniards and slave labor.

Steve and I also found a place that made yummy caps and lattes it was called Hernans. There we would sit enjoying our lattes and watching the numerous taxis (white trucks) going around and around looking for fares. Seems many from Quito thought they could make good money becoming taxi drivers here on the island.

Steve and I took a wonderful tour which I will write about in our next posting. It will be more pictures than words you will understand the reason.


Next stop Isla Seymore Norte.


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  1. Thanks for the emails with Birthday & Anniversary wishes! Hope you celebrated your days also. Great work on the blog, very informative. Enjoy your days in Europe now. Bye for now….

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