Checking Out The Medical System

library-2236.jpgBuenas noches it has been 5 days since I last wrote and a few things have happened since then. As both Steve and Judy were having problems with the high altitude (my mixed European blood worked for me) we were happy to head to the islands to get them back to normal.

Throughout the flight Steve seemed to be having problems with his ear I made him chew lots of gum. We landed on the island of Baltra, one of the many Galapagos Islands, around noon. The US govt used to have a base here but now it functions as the airport for the nearby island of Santa Cruz. From the airport took 15 min. bus ride to the Ferry, which was a 10 minute ride to Santa Cruz and then another 30 minute bus ride to our final destination, along the way the landscape changed from lava rock to wet terrain.

library-2247.jpglibrary-2290.jpglibrary-2348.jpglibrary-2448.jpgUpon arriving at our accomodation, the Casa Del Lago in the small town of Puerto Ayora we all had a quick bite to eat. Afterwards Steve headed straight to bed for a nap. Judy and I walked around town while Steve was resting and we hoped he’d feel better. We were able to see some of the local marine life around the port.

Unfortunately the nap did not improve things for Steve and we soon were trying out the medical system here. Elena (the owner of Casa Del Lago) quickly tracked down a doctor (specialist for ears because of divers here) for us. The doctor insisted on making a house call and in about 20 minutes he was in our room checking Steve’s ear. It turns out Steve developed a very nasty ear infection, needless to say antibiotics were required plus pain medication and a shot to get quicker relief from the pain. So Elena, the doctor and myself went to the local pharmacy to pick everything up. The pharmacist threw me for a loop as he looked more like a beach bum. The medication here is dispensed in packets there are no dispensing fees here. To my amazement the whole thing came under 80.00 US which we thought was great but Steve could have done without the shot in the butt.

Steve came around in two days and was able to attend the conference on Underwater volcanoes. While Steve was recovering and attending the conference Judy and I spent our time touring and enjoying mid-afternoons with a glass a wine (I made my own Sangria).library-2369.jpg

We went to the Darwin Center where they are working to bring back the Giant Tortoises. The Tortoises were totally decimated on some of the islands thanks to mankind. Used as food hundreds of years ago by the English pirates. Then in the 19th century one captain left four goats on the island of Santiago where they multiplied to 100,000 eating all the cactus, which is the only food the tortoise eats. Sadly there are some islands that are totally barren of these slow moving creatures. It took them 28 years totally rid the Island of Santiago of these goat. Pigs are also a problem they are working hard to get rid of them. Seems like the islands became a dumping ground of domestic animals with terrible consequences.

Our other outing were to the Lava tunnels where at one point we were almost crawling on our stomaches.

library-2376.jpgThen onto the Chato Tortoise reserve where could see the big beasts lounging around in the their natural environment (a lovely green pond).library-2383.jpg

The Twin Craters formed when lava collapsed into magma chambers.

library-2407.jpgIn case you are wondering Judy and I spent a couple days doing the beach thing.

library-2296.jpglibrary-2454.jpgOne beach was a Tortuga Bay a very long walk but worth it.

Finch Bay where a Pelican took it upon himself to be our personal body guard. The wildlife and marine life here are great. We shared the beach with a sun bathing lion seal and watched a Striated Heron being very patient when comes to fishing.

Until next time.library-2474.jpglibrary-2468.jpglibrary-2464.jpg

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  1. Hi Renee
    Sounds like you are having a great time. I keep checking every few days to see what you are up to. The pictures are fabulous. I’m sure you’ll have many more I’ll get to see. Have a drink for me!

  2. Renee: i like you less and less everytime I read this. It looks like you are having an incredibly wonderful time. Hello from Mady who is missing you very very much. I think she will be sending you a note soon. I am going to print off your complete blog (in color) for her to read at home tonight. Thank God for the office printer. You look relaxed and refreshed in your pictures.

    keep enjoying yourself and I hope your husband is fully recovered.

    Nadeige and Mady

  3. That is a fantastic trip, and I love looking at the photos and reading your blog! I see you are enjoying it immensely and I am very jealous about your trip to Galapagos. Someday I will get there!


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